Cosmetic Dentistry

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Veneers are extremely thin, strong pieces of tooth-shaped porcelain that are bonded to the visible parts of front teeth. Most often, veneers are used to improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth, but they can also be used in some cases as an alternative to crowns to repair fractured teeth and correct misalignments. Veneers can correct severely stained or discolored teeth, undesirable spacing, and unevenness of teeth.

What is involved in getting veneers?

Most commonly, veneers are completed in one visit, using our
CEREC system. Little to no anesthetic is needed, since very little of the natural tooth needs to be removed. First, the teeth to be treated are lightly prepared by roughening the surface. Then, a specialized camera will take a 3D optical impression of your tooth. CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology helps us design the restoration from the 3D optical impression. You can actually watch us design your new veneers on a full color computer monitor right before your eyes.

Once the porcelain veneers have been made, they are evaluated to ensure they fit perfectly and achieve the desired result. The restorations are then bonded directly to your natural tooth, and a special light is used to harden the cement.
With proper brushing and flossing at home and routine professional cleanings, you can expect your veneers to last many years.


Cahaba Dental offers in-office whitening treatments to treat natural staining of healthy teeth. Aging, smoking, dark colored sodas, coffee, tea, and red wine are some of the leading causes of tooth discoloration.

Does whitening work for everyone?

Whitening will not be effective on certain individuals that may have tooth discoloration caused from certain medications, decalcification, or those born with grayish teeth. Whitening is not recommended for individuals who are pregnant, nursing, or under the age of 14.

Will whitening work on your existing dental work?

No. Whitening is not effective on existing dental work, such as crowns, fillings, and veneers. Whitening only works on your natural teeth.